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YouTube star Deji was shocked to hear Jake Paul insult him on social media after speaking highly of his former opponent ahead of his return to the ring this weekend.

The pair fought in each other's boxing debuts at the Manchester Arena in 2018, with Paul taking the win with a fifth-round stoppage.

But despite appearing to bury the hatchet after a bitter back-and-forth in the lead-up to their fight, the pair seem to be at odds again, despite the Brit claiming he's "proud" of his former rival.

After Deji made comments about Paul at a media workout for his return to the ring against Alex Wassabi last night, the American responded by calling him a "walking pube" and a "f***ing idiot".

But speaking with Mirror Fighting tonight after his press conference with Wassabi, the social media star said that he felt Paul had not heard the entirety of his generally glowing praise of his old opponent.It's funny," Deji responded after learning of Paul's posts. "I said nothing but nice things about him and he called me an idiot.So maybe I am an idiot for saying nice things about him. All the best Jake, I'm proud of you man!"The pair have taken vastly different paths in their boxing careers, with Paul going on to turn professional and amass a 5-0 professional record while Deji lost his ring return to Vinnie Hacker last summer.Paul most recently defeated former UFC champion Tyron Woodley by knockout in the sixth round of their rematch after defeating him last summer following a win over ex-Bellator champion Ben Askren.Meanwhile, Deji was stopped within three rounds by TikTok star and model Hacker in a dismal showing which forced him to drop his coaching team and take a new approach to the sport.


Recap and aftermath. After Jake Paul defeated Deji by technical knockout, he called out American singer-songwriter Chris Brown, saying "I know you were supposed to fight Soulja Boy. But I think it is time you got in the ring with someone your own size.” The fight was attended by multiple celebrities such as Jimi Manuwa ...